Unemployment Assistance for REALTORS®

Independent Contractors, including REALTORS®, Eligible for Unemployment Assistance

The CARES Act legislation includes a provision that provides for a temporary Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program through December 31, 2020. This provides payment to those not traditionally eligible for unemployment benefits, including independent contractors and the self-employed, who are unable to work as a direct result of the coronavirus public health emergency. If you think you may be eligible for this assistance, we recommend that you apply. To apply for unemployment assistance, please visit www.laworks.net. To register, you will need your Social Security number and a valid e-mail address. Until we are notified otherwise, we suggest that you use your broker’s name, address and telephone number for the employer part of the application.

Tips for applying:

  1. Apply online at www.laworks.net, not over the phone

  2. Apply later in the evening/at night when the system is less strained

  3. As this provision is new, the state’s system may send you an initial monetary denial. Submit a weekly claim each Sunday so that you can receive benefits once the system is updated.

  4. Since you may have to apply a few times, save a separate document with your answers to make it easier to copy and paste them into future applications.

  5. The Louisiana Workforce Commission strongly encourages you to select direct deposit as your payment method. A debit card could take as long as 10 days to be processed, mailed, and received.

  6. Click Here to Fill Out an Application