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Supra's Key & Lockbox Exchange - June 2016

For the past month, our MLS division has been working hard to exchange your old keys and lockboxes to the new XpressKeys or iBox BT LE Lockboxes. Our Metairie and Mandeville offices kicked off four weeks of exchanges with a week-long off-site key and lockbox exchange. Gulf South Real Estate Information Network and Supra hosted the week-long exchange on both sides of the lake in conjunction with NOMAR’s MLS division. From Monday, May 23 – Wednesday, May 25, the Best Western Landmark Hotel hosted 1200 REALTORS® to exchange their current keys and lockboxes for the latest models. Mandeville’s Fleur De Lis Event Center was the epicenter for 739 REALTORS® to embrace the latest in real estate technology. In all, 9,622 keys and lockboxes were exchanged in that one week.

Members of our staff were on hand throughout the week to assist with the exchange and received positive feedback from members. There were between 40-50 of temporary employees brought on to make the exchange smooth and seamless. These are comments from our REALTOR® members about their own personal experiences at the exchange.

Josie DeGrusha said, “The key & lockbox exchange was great! As soon as we arrived there were people waiting outside to carry any boxes you had inside for you. There were very friendly greeters who welcomed you as soon as you entered, and any problems were quickly resolved by the MLS Director personally. We had 24 lockboxes and the whole exchange took but fifteen minutes. It was very organized, smooth and professional!”

Joyce Delery said, “We just got back from the lock box exchange - it was so organized and professionally done.  Wow!”

Mark Boline said, “I had six lockboxes to exchange, and the hardest part was getting them off of the listings! The whole process took just under an hour, and was run like a well-oiled machine. When I installed the new lockboxes this morning, it became obvious that it was an excellent upgrade and well worth the time spent to exchange.”

Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson said, “The process was painless and flowed freely. There was lots of information readily available and the staff was very good at handling questions. I was in and out of there in no time!”

           Tom French emailed, “The smoothest exchange we've ever had Missy! Susan Mizell and Rosemary Scardina did a great job overseeing everything. The temps were well trained this time as they were able to answer all of my questions.”

            Edie Wilson emailed, “Please compliment SUPRA on their good work in the recent lkbx [sic] exchange. They were the best ever and SO pleasant and helpful. It made my day!”

         John  Sharon Kochera  

            John and Sharon Kochera said, “The staff was very helpful and the process was very smooth and quick. One gentleman in the front even carried our ice chest full of lockboxes inside for me! The whole process was a piece of cake.”

Beginning on June 1, all keys and lockboxes had to be exchanged in person in the Metairie and Mandeville offices with MLS Staff. With over 2000 REALTORS® still needing to exchange their keys and lockboxes, appointments for exchanges began filling up before June even began. As of Friday, July 1, 11,600 boxes were exchanged or sold to our members. If you have not exchanged your keys and lockboxes, please contact our MLS division to discuss your options now that the free box for box exchange has ended.

Below are the various ways Supra has updated the iBOX BT LE to fit more seamlessly into your everyday life.

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With advanced on-board power that's sealed from the environment, and guaranteed to last for the life of the key box, you never need to spend time changing batteries. Rely on monitored access, long-life, and real-time data when you choose iBox BT LE.

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No additional hardware is required for most phones, including the current models of iPhone®,  iPad,®  and iPod.®

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Supra’s Real-Time Wireless Information Network helps agents sell properties:

  • A reliable system for securing keys during the real estate selling process
  • Easy access for authorized keyholders
  • Time-saving convenience

Please contact our MLS Division at (504) 885 - 3200 to schedule an appointment to exchange your keys and lockboxes. 




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