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REALTORS® Thought for the Day

We are in a very demanding business which requires cooperation and respect among all REALTORS®. Sometimes a simple phone call to a fellow REALTOR® can resolve a situation and create a very good business relationship. A question was posed on the NAR Official LinkedIn Group and I was impressed with the professionalism and cooperative spirit of this agents answer.

What do you do when someone leaves a door open on one of your listings?
We all make mistakes from time to time. As professionals, we should help each other, not trash each other. You never know where your next deal comes from. Why discourage the agent from future showings.

I use a supra box so I track each showing. I text or sometimes call the REALTOR® who leaves the door unlocked and the lights on. Sometimes we are busy showing the home, answering questions, and then an important call comes in, we step outside to take it and forget to double check the home. I had a well known broker leave the front and back door unlocked with all the lights on two months ago. I didn't even bother to call him; he would have been embarrassed so I let it go.

I forgot to put the key back in a supra a few months ago and put it in my purse. They had a showing and I had the key! It was embarrassing!! Since then, I double check the house and the locks. We are in a demanding business, we multi-task every day. I don't report fellow REALTORS®, we need to work together.

Below is a link to the National Association of REALTORS® Official Group on which you may want to join.
National Association of REALTORS® Official Group on


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