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Paragon Connect will be available April 1, 2024 for certain brokerages that have elected to convert from Matrix. The platform offers one seamless experience for your day-to-day work – whether you’re on the go, at your desk or anywhere in between. This mobile-first MLS system was built to work on all devices. You can manage it all from your phone, tablet or desktop. Check it out:

If your office has elected to convert, the Paragon Connect tile should already be on your MLS dashboard. You will have access from your MLS dashboard to Matrix and Paragon Connect and Paragon Legacy.

Wednesday, March 27 – Sunday, April 7: Pre-parallel mode

  • Matrix – You will have access to all features in Matrix
  • Paragon – all features available except for listing add/edit. This is the time for you to become familiar with the Paragon Connect system. Replicate your searches, add any additional contacts, set-up your prospecting notifications, create your hotsheets etc.

Monday, April 8 – Monday, July 8: Parallel mode for 90 days

  • Paragon: All features will be available, and all new listings will be added and edited from
    here. Note: If you entered a listing in Matrix before 4/8 you will need to edit that listing in Matrix.
  • Matrix: All features will be available except for listing add.
    • This is to give you one last opportunity to view anything in Matrix to replicate your
      searches, add any additional contacts, set up your prospecting notifications,
      hotsheets etc.
    • Turn off your prospecting notifications inside of Matrix and turn them on inside of
      Paragon Connect.
      **Warning**: If you do not do this, your client will have duplicate emails if you have prospecting turned on for your client in both systems.
    • Inform your clients that their client portal will look and feel a little different
      than what they have been using in the past.

For more information, download the FAQs for the launch.

You can sign up for one of our Paragon Connect trainings here (click the time to register):


Tuesday, April 9th


Monday, April 8th
Tuesday, April 9th
Wednesday, April 10th
Thursday, April 11th

For questions, please contact Alice Clark at