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Call for Action - Ask the Senate to VOTE YES on SB 162!

The Louisiana Senate is set to vote on Senate Bill 162 by Senator Conrad Appel as early as Monday. We need your help to get it passed - click below to urge your Senator to VOTE YES on this important housing issue.

What is SB 162?

SB 162 - the Louisiana Incentives and Workforce Affordable Housing Act - makes a technical change to a 2006 law allowing local governments to utilize inclusionary zoning as one of the tools for developing affordable housing units. The proposed change would alter the language to instead give them the authority to offer incentives to developers creating affordable units across the state.

What is Inclusionary Zoning?

Inclusionary zoning is a practice that forces developers to set aside a certain percentage of new construction to be made available to low-income individuals for a designated period of time. This can apply to rental units, owned units, multi-family properties, or single family homes.

Why do we need this change?

As communities around the state struggle with a lack of quality affordable housing, they are looking for ways to bring about more development, including this old law. Studies have shown that mandatory IZ causes more harm than good - including making market rate units more expensive, having developers decide not to develop in communities with mandatory IZ, and seeing set aside low-income units remain on the market longer as the restrictions on them make it harder to find tenants or owners who meet income guidelines and other restrictions.

Changing the language of this state law to encourage incentive-based zoning would help communities gain affordable units, but it would be done by working with developers to find ways to help offset the costs of creation of these units. We would see an increase in affordable housing production, but without increased costs to market rate units or multi-year income restrictions attached to newly developed housing units.

Please take action now to ask your Senator to SUPPORT the Louisiana Incentives and Workforce Affordable Housing Act!


Call for Action

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You are here: Home | Get Involved | Call for Action