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NOMAR Partnership with NOPD

SCAAB Grant Announcement 1.14.16

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Ø  NOMAR announced a partnership with NOPD and the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation (NOPJF) on the SafeCam NOLA and Adopt-a-Block initiatives in September 2015.


Ø  NOMAR awarded $15,000 through a grant from NAR to NOPJF to install high-definition private security cameras in neighborhoods across the city.  Launched in 2015 as a partnership between the NOPD and the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation (NOPJF), Adopt-A-Block works with churches, businesses and homeowners to install security cameras in crime hot spots.  The NOMAR grant funded the installation of 34 private security cameras.


Ø  NOMAR Challenge:  NOMAR challenges all REALTORS® in the metro area to contribute to this cause as part of the 100 Camera Challenge. Crime rates have a direct impact on the safety of REALTORS® and homeowners, as well as on property values. This effort is extremely important to our industry. Let’s all get on board so that your help can make a difference. This initiative will only work if we get commitment and support from all of our brokers and agents.


Ø  Dollar-for-Dollar Match Challenge from Latter & Blum:  Latter & Blum donated $10,000 to Adopt-a-Block and issued a dollar-for-dollar matching funds challenge to all NOMAR Brokers and Members. For each dollar donated to NOPJF by a REALTOR® member, Latter & Blum will match that and make a donation to United Way in support of their social services efforts. Latter & Blum President Rick Haase said he hopes the matching program will be able to address both the day-to-day need to fight crime and its root causes.


Ø  CALLING ALL REALTORS®:  This is another huge step in NOMAR’s initiative to raise money to install 100 Crime Cameras in an effort to reduce crime in our city and to catch and convict criminals. We need all REALTORS® to respond so that united, we can meet this challenge.


The challenge is on!  Let's show the power of REALTORS® working together to improve quality of life in our great city.


Donate today and encourage your company to support this importnat NOMAR initiative!

Be sure to type in YES where it asks if you are a NOMAR Member so that we can get credit for your donation.
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Media Coverage of Our Partnership:


Frequently Asked Questions:

•  What is SafeCam NOLA?

·  Answer:  SafeCam NOLA is a voluntary registry of security cameras in Orleans Parish.  Any resident or business owner who has cameras on their property is asked to go to to register them.  It's a very simple registration that asks your name, address, and the number of cameras on your property.  This DOES NOT allow anyone to hack into or have access of your camera feeds.  This just adds them to a map of all registered cameras for the use of NOPD detectives.  If/when a crime occurs, the detectives can use the map to identify nearby cameras that may have helpful footage.  At that point, they contact the person listed in the registry to ask permission to view footage.  Very simple and free to register.
·  There are currently over 3,000 cameras on the SafeCam registry.  This number has doubled from when we announced our partnership last fall!

•  Where did NOMAR get the funding to give $15,000 to NOPJF?

·  Answer:  NOMAR received a grant from the National Association of REALTORS® as part of their Game Changer program.  NO local dues dollars were used for funding.

•  Where are the Adopt-a-Block cameras located?

·  Answer:  The cameras are placed on private homes (not "big brother" type camers at intersections).  People interested in having cameras on their homes but who lack the means to purchase and install them on their own are directed to contact the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation to be added to their list.

•  Who decides where the cameras are placed?

·  Answer:  NOPJF gives the information of all people interested in having cameras to the NOPD Commander in each district to determine the priority order.  We do not currently have any involvement on the decision on where to place cameras.  I may see an area that I think is high in drug deals, but NOPD may have a more vulnerable, high-risk area that ranks slightly higher due to violent crime.  They are the crime experts and we are letting them handle that decision.  All cameras installed through Adopt-a-Block are automatically added to the SafeCam registry.
The locations of cameras installed through this program are not released publicly, not even to us.









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